Halloween may be in October, but when August rolls around in Japan, it's a time of ghosts. Every August (the 12th this year), Japan observes Obon--a holiday festival to honor the spirits of departed ancestors, who are said to enter the realm of the living and visit their families during that time.

Although obviously a time of reverence, you'll sometimes see some ghoulish decorations as people get into the spirit of things. That's very much true of Sucreries, a pastry shop in Osaka that has built up a reputation for their deliciously artistic sweets.

Last year they made waves online with their spooky Obon-themed cakes. Called "Nozarashii" (to be left outside and expose to the elements), the bone-chilling treats have garnered quite a lot of praise for their high quality presentation! With Obon just around the corner, ghost and sweets fans are watering at the mouth now that the pastry shop is readying to bring them back--out of the grave:

Source: @Sucreries_info

The cakes are made using a green apple mousse, but what really makes them standout is their decoration. Each cake features a skull, flower, and Buddhist grave tablet with Sanskrit writing. The cakes offer a macabre take on ohakamairi, the custom of visiting a grave during the obon holiday.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.