It's quite a common occurrence to see hamsters with a lot of food stuffed into their cheeks. Sometimes, however, they overdo it. This is especially true when they have access to their favorite food.

Twitter user ハムセキレイ Hamusekirei (@Hamusekilei) is a "pet care and management specialist" who is qualified to promote and educate people about pet protection and proper pet care and management.

One day, his hamster げんまい Genmai had a lot of food in his mouth. Here is Genmai-kun, facing what his owner described as "the fate of a greedy hamster."

Reproduced with permission from ハムセキレイ Hamusekirei (@Hamusekilei)

When Hamusekirei found Genmai in this state, he looked as if he was feeling remorse!

According to his owner, the greedy hamster always looks like this when he gets his favorite grains. It seems that he stuffs his cheeks all the time, unable to control his urges.

Genmai-kun's hilarious appearance seems to have amused and soothed many people online, eliciting comments such as:

  • "He looks so different you'd think he was a new breed of hamster!"
  • "I laughed when I saw his mouth so distorted that it wasn't even in its original shape!"
  • "I love the greedy look on his face...!"

Althoug his cheeks may seem very distorted, he's in no pain at all and is enjoying his happy life under Hamusekirei's care!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.