If you're crazy for katsu, a katsuholic with a capital K, you've probably considered different ways of enjoying your favorite morsels of savory golden-breaded goodness. From classic combinations like katsu curry and katsudon rice bowls to katsu sandwiches and even katsu curry sandwiches, you've probably tried quite a few options for your meals. Breakfast, on the other hand, is probably not one of them.

But all of that may change when you see this.

Leave it to かつや Katsuya, one of Japan's most popular katsu restaurant chains, to lead the charge in changing preconceived notions of katsu. They've toyed with breakfast-y food before with offerings like crispy cornflake chicken katsu bowls. Since many people associate bacon with breakfast, their heaps of bacon and chicken katsu may also have given off breakfast vibes.

Now they've taken the plunge, diving headlong into breakfast territory with their ベーコンエッグソースカツ (bēkon eggu sōsu katsu | Saucy Katsu with Bacon and Eggs)!

Saucy Katsu with Bacon and Eggs

This powerhouse combines Katsuya's popular ソースカツ丼(梅) (sōsu katsu ume Saucy Katsu - Ume) drizzled with their homemade sauce with bacon and a sunny-side-up egg. You can get it as a rice bowl, as seen above, or as a set meal on a bed of shredded cabbage, with miso soup and a small bowl of rice on the side. Both options also come in takeout and delivery bento versions, with the sunny-side-up egg replaced with a slow-cooked 温泉卵 (onsen tamago | "hot springs" egg).

Eat-in Options

Saucy Katsu with Bacon and Eggs Rice Bowl

ベーコンエッグソースカツ丼 bēkon eggu sōsu katsu don, 690 JPY plus tax

Saucy Katsu with Bacon and Eggs Set Meal

ベーコンエッグソースカツ定食 bēkon eggu sōsu katsu teishoku, 790 JPY plus tax

Takeout Options

Saucy Katsu with Bacon and Eggs Rice Bowl Bento

ベーコンエッグソースカツ丼弁当 bēkon eggu sōsu katsu don bentō, 690 JPY plus tax

Saucy Katsu with Bacon and Eggs Set Meal Bento

ベーコンエッグソースカツ弁当 bēkon eggu sōsu katsu bentō, 790 JPY plus tax

This delicious new katsu combination is available at all Katsuya locations in Japan from July 22nd, 2022. See their website for store locations, times, takeout and delivery options and other information.

Even if you don't have a Katsuya restaurant in your neck of the woods, katsu lovers now have a new idea to try out for breakfast!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.