Source: @AHBoop_obo7

Hamster turns home into most adorable beef bowl

As any hamster owner will tell you, the little furballs are at their cutest when they've caught you buy surprise--such as when they are being a bit too greedy with food or making new traditional Japanese doll boyfriends.

Twitter user Betsy (@AHBoop_obo7) found herself in one of those surprising moments when she went to clean her hamster's cage. In doing so, she discovered what some are calling a Hamster Beef Bowl.

Source: @AHBoop_obo7

Betsy discovered her pet hamster adorably resting in a small white container, which is strewn with sawdust. Because the container strongly resembles that of a takeout Japanese beef bowl, and the combination of sawdust (beef) and a pure white round hamster (an egg), the setup has been affectionally dubbed the "Hamster Beef Bowl" online.

Of course, this is one beef bowl that's likely to bite you first.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.