In the world of long-running anime and manga hit One Piece, eating a Devil Fruit means gaining means gaining amazing powers, but at the cost of the ability to swim--which can be quite the setback when conquering the high seas of the New World.

If you're in Japan, however, there's no need to worry about any sort of sacrifice. Japanese sweets maker and cake specialty store has teamed up with the pirate anime saga to reproduce the powerful Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) of the Straw Hat Pirates' archaeologist, Nico Robin, as a beautiful and delicious tart!

The tart looks like the spitting image of Robin's devil fruit, which grants the ability to replicate and sprout body parts, right down to its swirling petals and floral design.

The tart itself is layered, baked with a moist tart base using echire butter, and is topped with a smooth peach mousse. The center of the tart is accented with juicy peach gelée coated in syrup. The pattern of the peels of the Flower-Flower Fruit on the outside are made from individually squeezed dollops of peach-scented pink white chocolate cream.

The cake is currently available from to order in Japan, priced at 4,400 yen. It certainly looks like a delicious dessert for One Piece fans--and who knows, you may wind up with a few extra arms after you ate it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.