Saho (@urbex_34) is a Japanese photographer speciaizing in unusual landscapes in Japan and abroad.

In this case, they focused their camera on a cable car running on the 宝山寺線 Hozanji Line in 生駒市 Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture.

Let's just say that the cable car has a very unique design...

Reproduced with permission from Saho (@urbex_34)

"Japan's fanciest cable car."

The cable car has a cat's face and funky studded sunglasses!

It's called ミケ mi'ke, which is short for 三毛猫 mikeneko, meaning calico cat. According to the cabel car's operator, Kintetsu Ikoma Cable Line, a cat-themed song plays inside. The song is "Flea Waltz" ("Chopsticks" in the UK), known in Japan as ねこふんじゃった neko funjatta, meaning "I stepped on a cat" (by accident, of course).

Not only does the car look cute, but it also has cat-related elements to make your ride more enjoyable! Of course, it's not the Catbus but it's still a lot of fun, especially since it climbs up to Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park.

The cable car has received a lot of feedback for its unusual appearance, some people calling it "fancy and funky" and "quirky."

When you visit Ikoma City, why not hop in and enjoy the ride?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.