19-year-old phenomenal illustrator Keito (@Yassun0222K) often blows our minds on Twitter with his impeccable 3D art, drawing incredibly realistic Nintendo 3DSs you swear you could pick up and play, and Coca-Cola bottles you want to pick up and drink.

Keito's latest jaw-dropping illustrations show just how real his art can be. The talented artist recently shared some of his drawings of popular Japanese snacks and drinks, compared to their real life counterparts. To say the resemblance is uncanny is an understatement!

Can you tell which is which?

Grape Fanta

Source: @Yassun0222K

Meiji Almond Chocolates

Source: @Yassun0222K

MOW Vanilla Ice Cream

Source: @Yassun0222K

Kinoko no yama (Chocorooms)

Source: @Yassun0222K

If you're having trouble figuring it out, as many on Twitter have, the illustrations are all on the bottom. Thanks to Keito's masterful use of shading and eye-popping drawings, it can be pretty confusing. By drawing versions of open packages, Keito really makes it look like chocolates are there for you to pick up and take a bite out of.

Needless to say, lots of people have been floored by drawings, which you can really appreciate once they are stacked up against the real thing!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.