While you can spend a lot of time perusing the tasty loaves of a Japanese bakery, curry pan, or curry bread, is always among the fastest to sell out. The often crispy buns are loaded with hot and spicy curry, and each bakery or even household no doubt boasts their own recipe as the best.

Those in search of the top curry bread in Japan may have just had their search made easy for them, as the Gold Award for the Curry Bread Grand Prix 2022, a contest to determine the number one curry bread in Japan, has been given to the Butter Chicken Curry Dog from Nagoya's Green Bread Factory an-j.

The bread took home the Gold Award in the Western Japan Baked Curry Bread Category of the "Curry Bread Grand Prix 2022, which was held by Japan's Curry Bread Association to find out who the honors of top curry bread--or dog in this case--belonged to.

The winning Butter Chicken Curry Dog is said to have dough that is specially blended for a light and crispy texture, and is filled with generous chunks of chicken. The rich, buttery curry with coconut milk and yogurt is the key ingredient.

To commemorate the big win, the bakery has made the Butter Chicken Curry Dog available for online order in Japan, so that curry fans throughout the country can taste the winning bread.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.