Although thankfully not everywhere, it would probably be hard to find someone in a Japanese city who hasn't encountered the sight of a salaryman that has been overserved with booze and adopted quite the fascinating sleeping pose (for reference, see these public drunks capsule toys).

Japanese Twitter user Penelope (@tsurukameryu) probably wasn't expecting to see one when she opened the door to her parents' house when she last visited, but was doubly shocked when she found that it wasn't a human lying in that drunk salaryman position--but her family cat!

Source: @tsurukameryu

"The scene I saw the moment I opened the front door of my parents' house yesterday."

The family cat is lying on its back in what looks to be a completely KO'd state of lazy lounging. Jutting its arms and legs out, many on Twitter compared the sight to that of a drunken salaryman who ran out of steam right as they opened their home's door and passed out at the genkan (the entrance area in a Japanese home where shoes are usually removed.)

The pose may not indicate it, but we're sure Penelope may have positively interpreted it as the cat awaiting her arrival.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.