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How to make delicious edamame without boiling

Edamame soybeans have long been a favorite side dish at izakaya pubs in Japan, as well as a healthy drinking snack or appetizer in general. They're also used in cooking, such as throwing into a batch of rice in the cooker to add some flavor and texture.

As simple as they seem, they can sometime be viewed as a hassle to prepare at home due to time spent boiling them and washing dishes. Fortunately, Tetsu (@tetsublogorg), who often uses their expertise on vegetables as a produce manager at a supermarket, has shared a simple cooking lifehack for preparing edamame without boiling them that's being praised as a kitchen lifesaver online.

First, give your edamame a wash in a strainer.

Source: @tetsublogorg

Then lightly salt and knead them.

Source: @tetsublogorg

Let the edamame sit for 20 minutes, after that, zap them in the microwave for 2 minutes (directions given at 600w).

Source: @tetsublogorg

After taking them out and mixing them up a bit, put them back in the microwave for another 2 minutes. Voila, you now have a delicious and easy serving of edamame that Tetsu says is served at optimum heat that requires no boiling and less washing.

Source: @tetsublogorg

Obviously, you can head to a restaurant or get yourself a readymade match on occasion, but next time you want to try a fresh plate at home, you may want to give this low-fuss method a try!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.