Incense is typically something you think of burning in your room to bring a pleasant fragrance to your home, but you can now thanks to these clever aroma sticks and their sleek carrying case, you can take that fragrance on the-go and set it up wherever you'd like.

The case contains everything you need to enjoy the scented sticks, including a holder for the incense and even matches. Grasse Tokyo's case can also be used as an incense tray by turning the lid over and placing the holder on it.

The paper incense inside is modeled after mouillette perfume strips, and burn for a total of five minutes, making them perfect for a quick and easy way to fill the room with the soothing but sour scent of blackcurrant complemented by floral notes of violet and rose.

Another point of appeal these scented stripes have is that when you burn normal incense sticks, the ashes tend to break up and become a mess when cleaning them up, but the ashes of the paper incense fall into one place, so they don't scatter.

The compact size of the sticks its carrier mean that you can bring them along with you when traveling, and the safety provided by the tray make them great for outdoor use as well.

You can purchase the elegant and easy to use paper incense sticks and carrier from grape SHOP.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.