We already knew that the chocolatiers at Lindt are experts when it comes to chocolate, but as their Japanese branches prove, they’re a dab hand at using Japanese ingredients too.

They’ve already shown us what they can do with matcha and sakura for various seasonal creations, now they’re going deep into Japanese specialties with a new drink containing a little-known Nagano produce.

The ‘Nagano Purple Chocolat Drink’ is a tribute to the ‘Nagano Purple’ grape. This variety was developed in Nagano prefecture, and is known for its large size, juiciness, and sweetness due to a naturally high sugar content. Nagano Purple grapes are considered a rare and luxury variety, so it’s not often we get to enjoy them in desserts or drinks.

Each beverage base is made upon ordering, blending full grapes with Lindt’s signature white chocolate. It is then topped with yoghurt espuma and finished off with crushed jelly and white chocolate.

It comes in one size only and costs 780 yen.

The Nagano Purple has also been used to create some matching macarons, with a chocolate and grape ganache in the middle (302 yen).

While some beverages that use regional specialties can only be found in that area of Japan, the Nagano Purple Chocolat Drink can be found in Lindt Chocolat Boutique and Cafe branches all over Japan until 13th September 2022 (or while stocks last).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.