In the past, Krispy Kreme Japan has delighted fans of doughnuts and cute characters with their collaboration treats, such as their colourful Minion collaboration.

But apart from well-known characters from popular culture, Krispy Kreme Japan also have an impressive amount of original characters to populate their sweet world. They often appear seasonally, such as the ‘Milk Tea White Bear’ for Christmas, and the ‘Halloween Jack Caramel Custard’ in the autumn.

Starting from last year they debuted a new character to appear for summer. Based on one of the most popular inhabitants of aquariums, they came up with an adorable seal design.

Thanks to the popularity of this character, he is appearing again for 2022, and this time he’s a yoghurt soda doughnut. He is a soda flavour doughnut with yoghurt cream inside and adorable chocolate features.

The summer lineup this year also includes a fruity version of Krispy Kreme’s popular Original Glazed doughnut. The ‘Strawberry Peach Ring’ is inspired by an inflatable ring that you can imagine the seal playing with in the water.

The ‘Seal Yoghurt Soda’ costs 313 yen to take out, or 319 to eat in store, while the ‘Strawberry Peach Ring’ costs 248 yen or 253 yen to eat in. Both of these doughnuts will go on sale from 3rd August to 13th September 2022 in branches of Krispy Kreme in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.