Karaoke has long been a staple of entertainment options in Japan. From simple school student hangouts to the late night punctuation to a company drinking party, karaoke sometimes seems like a default way to party. That said, whether you're used to it or not, singing in front of your friends and coworkers isn't the most thrilling prospect for those not confident in their vocal talents.

To address that concern, as well those hoping to take their singing game up a notch, Japanese maker Dream has released the Proidea High Tone Trainer. It's a device that the maker says will expand your vocal range simply by sticking in your mouth for three minutes a day.

The device's slogan is "just by putting it in your mouth!" and that's because it requires no actual singing or stretching beyond holding it in your mouth for three minutes to take effect. So you can do it while you work, chores, or just hangout at home--that's three minutes where you have to look like this, however.

So...how does it work? The device is structured with the goal of raising the soft palate (the soft tissue of the back of the roof of your mouth), which rises when yawning and singing to produce high notes. Regular use of the Proidea High Tone Trainer is head to manipulate your soft palate in such a way, and even go up an octave in singing.

Like so:

Dream sells the device at their online store for 2,980 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.