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Train conductor’s unusual announcement has commuters in Japan touched to tears

Workers in the service industry in Japan are often praised for their hospitality, often putting in what comes across like an extra effort to make sure the customer experience goes smoothly. This is particularly true of train conductors. Alongside safely running the train (and even making sure mascots with too big heads can board), a conductor has to make regular announcements not just about stops, but any changes in schedule due to various circumstances.

So Rika (@englishcafe225), who lives in Miyazaki prefecture, thought nothing of it when she heard the conductor's voice crackling over the announce system of the train she was riding recently. However, from his very opening words, she found herself so pleasantly surprised at the usual protocol it broke that she had to share it, much to the sound of melting hearts on Twitter:

"This is regarding me, personally, however, but today marks the end of my 41 years in charge of this train. Thank you all very much for riding this train today."

After the conductor said that, we arrived at the station and his family was waiting there with a bouquet of flowers and I was so touched. I'd love for them to share these sorts of personal matters more and more. Thank you so much for your hard work.

The announcement and scene is touching in itself, but what surprised Rika and so many others online was the train conductor making mention of his personal life. While customer service may be highly regarded in Japan, workers often don't stray from the manual of operations or open up about their personal matters on the job to ensure professional and convenient exchanges. That can be credited as a reason for smooth transactions, but as evidenced by many of the replies left on the now viral post, there are many who welcome such warm departures from the standard:

"When announcing something this nice, it doesn't matter that it's personal!"

"That's so touching, it feels like a scene from a movie. I'm holding back tears while eating."

"We rely on them so much! They should be able to make announcements like this."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.