Even when they're normally a good boy or girl, it can be understandably difficult convince your dog to act like their normal selves at the vet's office. Some become a little bit too polite, while others make it appear like it's the vet themselves who should be nervous.

Neither seems to be an option for Japanese Twitter user @kuroshibaume722's adorable black shiba, Ume. On a recent trip to the vet, Ume struck a sitting pose in the waiting room that would have to convinced he's just another human waiting their turn to talk to the vet.

"My too well-behaved dog in the waiting room at the vet."

With the determined but calm facial expression, and sitting out on his behind and paws folded into his lap, Ume really looks as if he's just sitting waiting for his number to be called. According to the owner, Ume didn't totally naturally sit in this pose, but slid into it after being held and it just seems to have stuck. Maybe Ume is actually a bit too nervous to move, but he sure looks like one calm and cute patient!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.