Summer is a popular time for leisure activities at sea. For many people, enjoying a cool dip in the sea on a hot day makes for wonderful summer memories.

However, fun at the beach is not without its dangers.

According to the "Summary of Water Accidents in Summer 2021" published by Japan's National Police Agency, approximately 52% of all water accidents occurred in the ocean.

It's important to know the countermeasures and precautions to take in order to avoid accidents.

The rising popularity of large floats featuring animals or characters, among other things, prompted the Japan Coast Guard to make some new, potentially life-saving PSA videos.

As it turns out, although such large floats are popular with kids of all ages, they are more dangerous to use than conventional tube floats.

In the video, you'll see that it's easier to get swept away when you're riding a large float with a significant portion elevated above the surface level than a tube float which has a much flatter profile. The elevated portion essentially acts like a sail catching the wind and pushing the float forward.

In the video, the wind speed was 3-4 m/s (around 10-13 ft/s). If the wind were even stronger, the float would be swept away even farther.

Especially when kids are engrossed in playing, they may not notice that they're being swept away, so it's important to pay attention to the weather conditions.

Mini-boats can also be dangerous if not used correctly.

If you're alone in a mini-boat and you fall overboard, it's difficult to get back into the boat on your own.

If you're engrossed in fishing, for example, you may not consider how your weight can cause the boat to lose its balance, so be careful not to fall overboard!

Whatever leisure activity you enjoy at sea, safety should always come first!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.