Karaage, or Japanese-style fried chicken (there's a slight difference between it and others, if you're wondering) is an absolute foodie favorite in Japan. Whether it's packed in bento lunch boxes or paired with ice cold beer at an izakaya pub, karaage brings a smile to fried food fans--you can even get a Pepsi specially designed to pair with it.

So when a family member comes home joyfully telling you they've bought some karaage, a lot of people would smile in anticipation of a tasty meal. Anotsugi Nainoji (@LolipaedQ) smiled for a different reason when her sister came home boasting of a karaage buy, however. When her sister set the package down before her, she couldn't help share a mixup that has Twitter both laughing and sympathixing:

Source: @LolipaedQ

While the bag displays a crispy batch of fried chicken, that's not what's actually inside. While Anotsugi's sister thought she was buying a package of karaage from the frozen food section, she failed to read the label which says "カットレモン"--lemon slices! The brand she bought chose to advertise the lemon slices, a popular garnish to squeeze on top of karaage, with a serving of fried chicken. While it's a bit embarrassing, you can't help but feel bad for the sister who skipped past the label and was drawn straight to the appetizing picture of karaage.

Commenters couldn't help but laugh, and also express their sympathies in the replies:

"My verdict, your sister is not guilty!"

"I'm embarrassed to say I've done this before."

"It's very healthy fried food!"

"This package picture is so delicious looking it should be considered a sin."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.