Most cat owners are eager to take pictures of their beloved cat's adorable appearance.

However, cats, who follow their own whims, have no concept of the perfectly timed "photo opportunity." Even if the moment comes when you want to take a picture, your cat may move and you may not be able to take the shot you want.

The owner of the account at (@ronnieabbey0724), who lives with her yellow tabby cat ロニー Ronnie, and her black cat, アビー Abby, was trying to take a picture of their pets.

They turned on the camera on their smartphone and were about to take a picture of Abby, when the very next moment...

Abby must have moved her face during the photo shoot.

As a result, her face ended up looking just like a slot machine!

The owner posted Abby's picture on Twitter and received many likes, as well as comments such as, "I laughed out loud!" and "It's a little scary...!"

Maybe it was a sign that they were going to get lucky some time in the near future!

In any case, it certainly provided a memorable moment!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.