• "I love the expression on the lady's face in the second panel!"
  • "This is the psychology of all forms of indulgence! I'll take note..."
  • "I felt like replying out loud: 'I really get this'"
  • "This is quotable wisdom. Now excuse me while I go to McDon..."

These are only some of the comments elicited by an original manga from 蝉丸 Semimaru (@_aya0227) posted on August 6th, 2022, along with the caption: "Best burger shop lady."

The two-panel manga features a conversation between a young woman working at a burger restaurant and her customer.

English translations provided below.

Reproduced with permission from 蝉丸 Semimaru (@_aya0227)

[TOP PANEL] Customer: "Ummm... Which (burger) on your menu has the fewest calories?" Staff: "If you're worried about calories, don't come to a burger shop." | [BOTTOM PANEL] Staff: "Once you've come to a burger shop, don't worry about calories!" Customer: "Yes, ma'am!"

Although her words in the two panels may seem similar, there's a subtle difference between the two, which is highlighted by her change in facial expression. In the first panel, she addresses the behavior of customers before they even consider what restaurant to eat at. With her dismissive look, her words are aimed at people who think about burger shops as a viable option when they're trying to watch their calories.

But then, in the second panel, her words are directly aimed at customers who actually show up at a burger shop. At that point, it's too late to worry. With a flippant expression, she encourages such customers to just forget about calories when they're in the shop and just enjoy themselves to the fullest.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.