It seems like each summer festival in Japan has something unique about its fireworks show that makes it stand out. When it comes to Aomori prefecture Nebuta Matsuri, that's absolutely the presence of giant nebuta lantern floats. The towering lanterns are constructed of washi paper and mounted on floats that parade as locals sing and dance, and they are truly a spectacle as they move through the night shining brilliantly. Often depicting characters from folklore and kabuki stories, they can be quite imposing as well.

Shintaro Tsushima (@shin_12t), a photographer based in Aomori, recently took a photo that shows nebuta in their full glory under a sky of fireworks. For the first time in three years (because of pandemic safety protocol), the Aomori Nebuta Festival was held. Tsushima's photo of the magnificent nebuta floating on the sea under a night sky filled with fireworks is a great reminder of what a spectacle the show is.

Source: @shin_12t

Many on Twitter, who may have forgotten such scenery over the past few years, hailed the photo as amazing and left stunned comments in the replies:

"Thank you for taking such cool and beautiful pictures."

"Two great summer Japanese traditions."

"I really appreciate it because I can't go back to see the festival in person."

If you ever find yourself in Aomori in August, the Nebuta Festival is a must see!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.