There's nothing like it when two different animal species become friends, especially when they express their fondness for one another in different ways.

That's especially on display at the Awaji Farm Park England Hill (@englandhill_zoo) agricultural farm and zoo in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. In particular the zoo's "Wallaby Square", which although an enclosure for Bennett's wallabies, has a few emus and pelicans that like to hang around.

The staff routinely shares photos of the animals' daily adventures on Twitter, but one recent shot has the internet absolutely smitten. Momo-chan, a pelican who was hanging out in the enclosure, apparently has a very specific way of showing her excitement to see Wasabi, a wallaby she is particularly fond of:

Momo-chan just can't contain her excitement when she lays eyes on Wasabi, who at least in the picture seems a bit indifferent to the possibility of being swallowed whole. Zoo staff commented saying that the playful pelican isn't actually trying to devour Wasabi, and that playful bite is something that just happens between the two who are often seen together.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.