Japanese mother Rie (@riebento) has been wowing many online for a while now with the artistic and delicious food creations she makes for her four-year-old child. Among these are character bento (called chara-ben for short), which are bento that creatively use ingredients to craft cute and edible characters.

It's not quite a bento, but Rie's latest character concoction is putting many online in a bind, as they find that it may be just too cute to eat and drink. Rie took to Twitter to share a photo of her adorable take on fruit punch--which is filled with more more than just fruit!

Source: @riebento

The fruit punch sure is a burst of color, featuring bananas, kiwis, and other fruits are cut into flower shapes. The star of the watermelon bowl are the miniature white polar bears, who are made from shiratama (rice flour dumplings) and dotted with black sesame seeds to fill out their adorable facial features. The photo quickly took off on Twitter, and while it may seem too cute to eat, Rie says she felt rewarded watching her young child feast on the bear fruit punch.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.