It can be a major guilt trip for a cat owner to wake their sleeping kitty, but every once in a while when you do, you find yourself greeted by an oddly confused but adorable stirring sound.

Japanese Twitter user @unicouniuni3 had her camera waiting to see that response when she had to wake her dozing cat, Uni, from his slumber. Normally cats don't need any rousing when its time for food, but Uni seemed to have waded a bit too far into dreamland for even the lunchtime call to wake him. Giving him a gentle nudge, @unicouniuni3 recorded the chirpy cry Uni makes that she and others are convinced is a Pokémon's!

The almost purring sound of a cat startled into waking is a familiar one to cat lovers, but Uni's does actually sound like the greeting of a Pokémon as it makes an appearance during a random encounter!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.