Japan’s summers are sweltering hot. But when it comes to beating the heat, there's a few innovative products you can try out.

For example, this beverage billed as ‘drinkable soft serve’ is sold at Japanese convenience store Ministop, and it solves two summer problems. The first one is that you want the sweet, creamy taste of ice cream, but you should buy a drink for hydration. With this drink, you can have both in one handy product.

The second is that summer gets so hot, you barely even have time to eat your ice cream before it’s a melty mess. If you consume your soft serve in drink form, there’s no mess involved, and you can take your time.

This is the fourth flavour Ministop has released in the drinkable soft serve series, and this time they’ve gone for shine muscat, a variety of grape. This is inspired by one of the convenience store's popular seasonal soft serve flavours that hit their ice cream menu last summer.

The beverage is currently on sale in branches of Ministop all over Japan, costing 182 yen. But it’ll only be around for the summer, so if you want to taste soft serve in drink form, you’ll have to be quick!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.