Donguri Kyowakoku is known as a Studio Ghibli merch paradise for fans of the iconic animation studio. Their shelves are packed full of all kinds of goods, including items to help Ghibli enthusiasts adorn their home with various fan-favourite characters.

This new collection of suncatchers is the perfect summer buy, as their beautiful design is enhanced by the sun’s rays. They can be hung up outside or inside by a window to take full advantage of sunny days.

There’s four designs to choose from, each one representing a different movie, but they are all connected by the theme of ‘wind’.

The My Neighbor Totoro suncatcher depicts the titular character soaring through the sky on his spinning top while Mei and Satsuki cling on.

Or you can hang up a gorgeous rendering of Kiki flying on her broom accompanied by gulls and looking down on the town.

Howl’s Moving Castle is represented with Howl and Sophie’s jaunt through the air.

Castle in the Sky’s suncatcher shows Sheeta and Pazu surrounded by clouds and birds.

Just looking at these breezy scenes are sure to help you feel cooler on a summer’s day.

You can also get a mesh pouch to house your suncatcher in and keep it safe, that features the same scene that inspired each one.

If you have a particular love for this wind scenes, you can also get matching handkerchiefs.

This wind-inspired series can be found at branches of Donguri Kyowakoku in Japan, or ordered from their online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.