Typically when discussing differences in pizza found in Japan, it's unusual toppings like corn and mayonnaise that draw attention. Last year Domino's threw a curveball into that discussion by unveiling their popular pizza rice bowls. Not to be outdone, Pizza Hut Japan has also thrown their hat into the rice game ring, releasing all new rice pizzas!

The new Gohan Pizzas (rice pizzas) are part of a personal "My Box" set that includes fries and chicken nuggets. However, replacing the usual 7.5cm diameter miniature pizzas usually included are Pizza Hut's new rice pizzas, which substitute soy sauce-seasoned rice in place of your usual wheat flour pizza dough. The rice is pizza-oven baked to a crispy brown and savory finish.

Pizza Hut cites the combination of melty Gouda cheese, special sauce, and soy-sauce seasoned 100% domestic rice as a "truly Japanese pizza"--although they've released a series of toppings inspired by different countries that they say best pairs with the new rice "dough."

From top to bottom:

Japan: Yakiniku Galbi Short Rib, Teriyaki Chicken (with corn), Mentaiko (pollock roe) Mayonnaise Soy Sauce (with corn).

Europe: Iberian Ham (Spain), Shrimp and Lobster Bisque Sauce (France), Milano-style Sausage (Italy).

America: Garlic Shrimp, BBQ Pork, Pizza Lover's.

Each "My Box" Gohan Pizza set comes with the three rice pizzas (of the style you pick), fries, and two chicken nuggets. The sets are priced at 1,000 yen takeout and 1,350 yen for delivery, starting August 22nd.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.