Japanese embroidery artist イプノット ipnot (@ipnot) creates amazing three-dimensional pieces, many of which are so realistic it's hard to believe they're sewn out of colored thread. Whether it's household objects, animals or food, she pushes the boundaries of what can be realized with a needle and thread, using a French knot stitch.

For example, she made this delicious-looking strawberry...

...and this little crab. As you can see, many of ipnot's works have a playful side. Here, the crab has torn the fabric on the embroidery frame.

However, when it comes to food. Ipnot seems to be particularly fond of pizza. Some of our readers may recall the delicious-looking slice of hers we introduced in 2020, complete with gooey, stringy cheese.

A stitch in time

For her latest project, ipnot revisited the pizza theme, this time creating a pendulum clock.

If you saw the clock when it's not running, you could be fooled into thinking it was simply a battery-operated clock with a small embroidered pizza attached to the bottom.

Reproduced with permission from ipnot (@ipnot) / Still image from video

However, when you see it in operation, you realize that it's in fact a pendulum clock. Moreover, it has a playful gimmick sure to make pizza-lovers drool. See for yourself:

I woke up early today, so I tried making an embroidered pizza pendulum clock🍕
Stretchy gooey cheese 24 hours a day...

With its temptingly dynamic cheese action and its ingenious design, ipnot's post quickly went viral, garnering close to 235,000 likes and over 41,000 retweets at the time of writing.

According to J-CAST, the clock was so popular that, among the numerous comments it elicited, quite a few of them were from potential buyers, and ipnot is favorably disposed towards making it commercially available.

In a follow-up Tweet, she also revealed that her initial design had a cute hamster feasting on the pizza with cheese stretching from its mouth as the pendulum swings, but she gave up on that idea because she wasn't happy with it for various reasons.

Follow ipnot's accounts on Twitter and Instagram for the latest information and perhaps an update on whether or not she'll be turning this awesome pizza pendulum clock into a product.

We think it would look great on the wall of a pizza restaurant and can already think of many pizza-loving friends who would love to have one!

But no matter what her decision on turning it into a product may be, we recommend following her social media accounts to enjoy her past works and see what kind of amazing embroidery works she'll create next.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.