Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels has been attracting a lot of attention as a two-way player the likes of which major league baseball has rarely seen. The fact that the "Amended Designated Hitter Rule" was made to accommodate him testifies to the unprecendented nature of his accomplishments.

Japanese fans who haven't had the luxury of flying to Angel Stadium to root for their "native son" have had to settle for TV broadcasts, but now, commuters going through Tokyo's Shinjuku Station will be privy to a special Ohtani experience.

A motion graphic video playing on a giant 150-foot-long video wall will let commuters feel as if they are watching Ohtani play up close and personal. On display until August 22nd in the East-West Free Passageway, the video will make the world's busiest station an awesome place to catch Ohtani in action this summer.

The video features Ohtani as depicted in the sports game MLB® The ShowTM 22, pitching, hitting, and running bases. The Angels' two-way star player is also featured on the game's cover.

In the video, all of Ohtani's moves are reproduced at the actual recorded speeds, such as when he threw a lightning-fast 101.6 mph ball from the mound...

...or when he hit a ball, clobbering it with an exit velocity of 119.1 mph!

Many fans dream of seeing Ohtani from the best seats in the stadium. At least with this video, they can imagine what it would be like to see him in action at close distance.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.