Japan is the place to be when it comes to combining cute characters and sweet snacks. Especially when it comes to Sanrio, a company famous for creations like Hello Kitty and Gudetama, fans with a sweet tooth are spoilt for choice.

Often these adorable eats are seasonal, and Sanrio have teamed up again with pudding specialist store Pastel for some desserts perfect for autumn. The treats feature My Melody and Kuromi, showing off their difference in styles.

Pastel’s original ‘Mini Pudding’ has got a character-inspired makeover with cocoa powder illustrations on top of whipped cream. There’s four designs for each character, and the top two will be available throughout September and the bottom pair will appear from October.

My Melody’s ‘Merry-go-round Pudding’ has sponge cake and diced strawberries, served up with pretty pink strawberry cream and colourful marshmallows. The theme is circus so My Melody is wearing a clown-inspired outfit.

Kuromi’s ‘Circus Pudding’ goes for this theme too, but the character’s spooky-cute style matches the darker colour scheme. It contains chestnut cream, raspberry sauce, and chocolate.

Then when it hits October each pudding switches to a Halloween theme to suit the season.

This adorable parade of cute desserts will run from 1st September to 31st October 2022 at branches of Pastel in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.