Cat lovers in Japan were delighted when a giant 3-D and incredibly lifelike cat was installed at the 154.7 square meter digital rooftop ad space "Cross Shinjuku Vision" right across from the East Exit of Shinjuku station. The cat has become somewhat of a new digital mascot for the area, regularly greeting commuters who pass below it, meowing at them, and impressively playing with a giant Roomba. The cat has even spawned an Akita dog 3-D rival in Shibuya.

Despite the regular greetings from the cat, not everyone can flock to Shinjuku to catch a glimpse of the feline marvel. Twitter user @jirosan77 has thought of a perfect solution to this, however, and that's to recreate the feline ad space in their home--with one of their cats, Anmitsu, as the star attraction!

Using what appears to be cardboard and printouts of ads and shops in the building that houses the giant rooftop curved screen ad space, @jirosan77 has perfectly recreated the famous giant cat within their own home! The detail on the structure is impressive on its own, but seeing Anmitsu play around in the space and even leap from it like their 3-D counterpart is one adorable scene!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.