As many foodies can surely appreciate, gooey melted cheese is one of the reasons to love pizza.

Now, an idea inspired by a cheesy pizza slice has become a hot topic on Twitter.

The creator's name, ミチル Michiru (@mitiruxxx), may be familiar to some of our readers. Some of their humorous ideas we've introduced in grape Japan include an okonomiyaki pencil sharpeners, kotatsu keycaps, iceberg tissue boxes, and cat paw print bottles.

The pizza-inspired creation has garnered over 67,000 likes at the time of writing, eliciting comments such as "Innovative! It's cute," "I want one," and so on.

Please take a look at this correction tape dispenser!

Reproduced with permission from ミチル Michiru (@mitiruxxx)

Doesn't the tape look like gooey cheese stretching out from a slice pizza?

The shape of the pizza slice also looks comfortable to hold, maybe even more so than standard correction tape dispensers.

With its cute looks, you could almost forgive it for being so cheesy! Now if the tape were also scratch-and-sniff with mozzarella cheese aroma...

Follow Michiru's Twitter account to see all of their amusing creations, some of which have been commercialized.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.