Komeda's Coffee is a popular coffee house and diner chain in Japan. In addition to their generous serving sizes for retro treats, Komeda's is known for its "Nagoya-style" morning breakfast set. By ordering a coffee, customers are also given a serving of their choice of bread, along with a boiled egg, or egg paste or jam to spread on their bread. Running from opening until 11:00am, it's a great way to enjoy a nice breakfast for the price of one drink.

On a recent stop by Komeda's Coffee, Denka (@oden90yen) decided to try and find out what happens when you order another drink after finishing your morning breakfast set. In doing so, they found something out that has a lot more people wanting to make pull up to the coffee shop for breakfast.

Source: @oden90yen

Upon simply ordering another coffee, Denka was also given another serving of toast and eggs! Despite Komeda's popularity, it seems many online weren't away that an extra drink order brought along with it the food as well, perhaps with many assuming that was just too generous to be true. Denka shared the photos praising Komeda for "not allowing someone to go on an empty stomach with just one breakfast set."

Source: @oden90yen

Those looking for a little extra bites to have with their coffee refills may want to check in to Komeda's Coffee for their morning set!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.