Japanese instant noodle giant Nissin has never been shy from having some fun on their Twitter account, particularly with items related to their popular Cup Noodle series. While they've actually released some eye-dropping products like Cup Noodle soda and humidifiers, they've also teased the release of some far-out there items at what seems to be a way of gauging fan interest. These include Cup Noodle earbuds and even bath bombs. So there's no creative bridge too far.

It appears their latest idea might have some positive leaning on that interest gauge. On their official Twitter account, Nissin teased an idea that "will make you want to eat even after you've already finished"--Cup Noodle ingredient dish sponges!

The photo shows a woman washing in her sink using realistic sponges modeled after the shrimp, eggs, and mystery meat (which is now no longer a mystery). Much like previous crazy-cooked-up Cup Noodle ideas, the post was met with a clamoring for an official release.

There's unfortunately, no announced plan for an official release at this moment. Nissin has kept their ear to the ground in the past for these things, though.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.