Mugi-chan, a 20-month-old Shiba Inu dog, has a reliable "big brother" in a 6-year-old boy, the son of Twitter user 柴犬勇者むぎ Shibainu Yūsha Mugi (@shibayuusha).

Whenever Mugi-chan is in trouble or in a pinch, his big brother comes to the rescue.

One day, he noticed that Mugi-chan had climbed up on a chair but was unable to get down, so he helped him.

"Mugi-chan couldn't get down from the chair so I rescued him."

Hearing such a report from their son, the Twitter account owner checked the video from the pet camera installed inside the room and found the footage backing up the claim:

The little boy could have picked up Mugi-chan and set him down on the floor. Surely, that's what many people would think of doing in such a situation. Instead, in an act of pure selflessness, he crouched down on the floor, turning his back into a slope for Mugi-chan to naturally walk down by himself.

With the help of her kind-hearted big brother, Mugi-chan was able to safely get down from the chair.

The response to the video on Twitter was overwhelming. The post has garnered over 203,000 likes at the time of writing, eliciting praiseful comments such as:

  • "I like how you can see the trusting relationship between your son, who showed kindness by making a slope with his back, and Mugi-chan, who initially hesitated but then walked down to safety."
  • "Your son is so kind. Dogs don't like heights, and they probably don't like to be picked up at times like this either, so this was the best thing he could have done!"
  • "I applaud your son's courageous action."

柴犬勇者むぎ Shibainu Yūsha Mugi literally means "Shiba Inu Hero Mugi," a name he earned when he was 5 months old and featured on television. Seemingly acting out a scene from Dragon Quest, Mugi-chan was shown "fighting" a Slime plushie with a plastic sword.

This time, however, it looks like the hero was Mugi-chan's reliable "big brother." To paraphrase Dean Cain, real heroes don't wear capes, they show selflessness in helping others.

The account owner also posts other stories about Mugi-chan on Twitter every day. Please take a look if you are interested.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.