Japanese cafes offer a lot of refreshing ways to cool down during the hot and humid summer, like hypnotizing craft cream soda floats and gourmet shaved ice. YouTuber Ikinari Wakadanna (@wakadanna_coo) may have found an option at a retro coffee house that may do the job for you just by looking at it.

Wakadanna's drink order at a coffee house in Kobe has become the talk of coffee heads on Twitter. Wakadanna shared a picture of an iced coffee they ordered with the comment "when I ordered an iced coffee in Kobe, and I ended up with coffee inside of ice..."

If that description confuses you, just take a look at this literal iced coffee!

Source: @wakadanna_coo

If that looks like a giant block of ice with coffee served in the middle to you, that's because that's exactly what it is. Wakadanna took the photo of the ice iced coffee when they visited the Kitanozaka location of Nishimura Coffee Shop. The port city coffee house that opened in 1948 is known for its elegant and old fashioned decor, as well as a menu filled with classic Japanese coffee house food and drink, but the one option that clearly sticks out is this gigantic ice cube used to serve iced coffee.

Each block of ice is hand-chiseled by the staff one-by-one, so a lot of effort goes into preparing the "glass". While obviously it has an eye-catching aesthetic, one appeal to it is that because the huge cube melts extremely slowly, the iced coffee (drank through a straw unless you're incredibly bold) stays cold even during long sessions, and the coffee doesn't get watered down either.

An important thing to note (as Wakadanna does above) is that this ice block coffee is only available at the Kitanozaka branch of Nishimura Coffee House, and because of the hand-crafted effort put into the drink and its summer appeal, is only offered during the months of July and August. If you're ever spending a summer in Kobe, you may have found the best iced coffee to help you cool down!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.