As some of Godiva’s recent offerings prove, there’s plenty of regional Japanese specialties that pair perfectly with their luxurious Belgian chocolate.

Their ‘Nagasaki Milkshake’ inspired drink celebrated a Nagasaki favourite, and this year they marked 50 years in Japan with an amazake and white chocolate creation.

Now their culinary exploration of the country’s flavours is taking us way down south, to the island paradise of Okinawa. Purple sweet potato (or beni-imo) is known as an Okinawan specialty, and sweet potato generally is a popular autumn treat. While chocolate and sweet potato might sound like an odd combination, sweet potato is often found in desserts and other sweet recipes in Japan.

So for Godiva’s latest seasonal beverage they have announced a ‘Chocolixir’ beverage containing beni-imo and chocolate. A sauce made with Okinawa-grown purple sweet potato will be mixed with white chocolate to make a pretty lilac frozen base, topped with whipped cream, purple sweet potato sauce, and black sesame seeds.

The drink will be available in both regular (690 yen) and large (790 yen) sizes, at branches of Godiva in Japan that have Chocolixir on their menu. It will arrive on the menu from 2nd September 2022, and will only be around for the autumn period, or while stocks last.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.