From Hina Matsuri ice cream for Girl’s Day, to Star Festival sweets for Tanabata, Japanese festivals are a great inspiration for beautifully presented snacks and sweets.

When you think of sweets for traditional festivals, wagashi shops probably come to mind, but other types of stores in Japan join in the fun too. This includes Belgian chocolate purveyors Godiva, who have announced a particularly beautiful chocolate collection for Tsukimi.

This festival honours the autumn moon, and it literally means ‘moon-viewing’. Moons, rabbits, and rice cakes are symbols often used to represent Tsukimi. Godiva’s autumn collection comes in several sizes, and each box is a combination of five special chocolates with Tsukimi motifs and seasonal flavours.

It’s a folk belief that a rabbit lives on the moon, and this story is represented in the ‘fig almond full moon’ chocolate with a cute rabbit design.

There’s also a ‘dark orange moon’ which fits the theme perfectly.

Chestnut and walnut chocolates are fitting for autumn.

And there’s wrapped chocolates with more moon and rabbit themes.

The box has a gorgeous sky-inspired design, making the collection a snazzy gift for the season, or just a nice treat for your moon-viewing party.

The Godiva Autumn Collection is on sale at branches of Godiva around Japan, as well as available via their online store, until 31st October.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.