Sweet potato is a must-have autumn treat in Japan, and as the weather starts cooling down, you’re about to see shelves packed full with sweet potato products.

Sweet potatoes in Japan don’t just come in one type either, there’s purple sweet potato which is often linked with Okinawa (check out Godiva’s beni-imo chocolate beverage this fall), and mistu-imo known for its syrup-like sweetness, among many others.

Japanese doughnut chain Mister Donut releases an autumn lineup every year, which celebrates many of the different sweet potato varieties loved throughout Japan. They have dubbed this annual collection ‘Satsumaimo-de’, a mix of ‘satsumaimo’, the Japanese word for sweet potato, and the French word ‘mode’.

The ‘Yaki Mitsu Imo’-style doughnut replicates not just the syrupy taste, but also the fluffy texture of a freshly baked sweet potato.

‘Mitsu Imo Brûlée’ is a particularly decadent treat, with with caramelised sugar on top of the sweet potato flavoured doughnut.

Or you can go for a simple ‘Mitsu Imo’ doughnut, based on the taste and texture of a classic mitsu-imo sweet potato.

'Daigaku Imo' (which means ‘university potatoes’) are a candied sweet potato snack. The sweet glaze on this doughnut is based on this ever-popular treat, and it has been sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Lastly, this doughnut is simply called the ‘Sweet Potato’, taken from the English word for the autumn specialty. Rather than a glaze, this one is topped with a sweet potato cream and a dash of sesame seeds.

This autumnal lineup can be found at Mister Donut branches in Japan from 31st August to around the end of November 2022. Each doughnut costs between 151 and 176 yen, with differing prices depending on if you eat in or take out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.