Mister Donut, the Japanese doughnut chain, is really on the ball when it comes to cute character doughnuts. Their adorable Pikachu doughnuts were the envy of Pokemon fans around the world, and when it comes to Halloween, they even boast some completely original doughnut characters of their own.

It’s about time for these spooky snacks to start showing up in store, and this year’s Halloween lineup will consist of five different treats.

There’s the ‘Makkuro Choco Neko’, a jet black chocolate cat. One for chocoholics, it consists of a chocolate doughnut covered in a chocolate coating with chocolate eyes and ears. Lastly there’s a dash of sprinkles to add a bit of colour.

The ‘Masshiro Frankenstein’ (stark white Frankenstein) is a ring doughnut with white chocolate coating, chocolate features, and colourful sprinkles as hair.

‘Pon de Choco Devil’ is a riff on Mister Donut’s famous Pon de Ring, a ring doughnut with a mochi-like squishy texture.

This year’s collection seems to have a black and pink theme, which must be why the usually orange Jack o’ Lantern has turned pink this time around. This doughnut has an ‘Old Fashioned’ base and is covered in strawberry chocolate.

Lastly, there’s the ‘Pink Mummy’. This long doughnut hides a fruity interior with dried mango, raspberry, and orange kneaded into the dough. It’s coated with strawberry chocolate and topped with colourful sprinkles.

These spooky yet cute characters will appear from 7th September to 31st October 2022 in branches of Mister Donut in Japan. Prices range from 172 yen to 176 yen, depending if you eat in or take out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.