All she meant to do was share photos of herself enjoying post-work beers, but Truck Meimei (@truckmeimei), a 21-year-old truck driver with a love of beer, has somehow taken over the Japanese corner of Twitter. Truck Meimei has grown an impressive following (amassing over 100,000 followers within a week) thanks to her daily posts: herself deliciously downing a refreshing beer after a day of trucking, usually wearing dad-joke-esque pun T-shirts.

For instance, this shirt is a spoof on "Nitori (ニトリ)", a Japanese furniture store's logo. Instead it says "hitori (ヒトリ)", which means alone and shows a lonely-looking silhouette sitting in the characters.

What seems to be the impetus for her sudden internet fame was a Tweet she posted saying "sorry, I just prefer beer over Starbucks!" Since then, her followers have grown massively. While the shirt puns are charming enough, it seems as if a great deal of her Twitter followers look forward to her posting as a way to vicariously make it through the work day and make it to that post-work treat of an ice cold one. As Truck Mei Mei says, "I work hard for beer!"

The trucker tells us that she never expected to get a reaction like this, but her Tweets with pun shirts she collects (and even makes, such as the one below that says "Blood: Beer") seem to have resonated with many online:

"I'm getting a blood transfusion at Saizeriya (an Italian family restaurant in Japan)"

Or a "cucumber" shirt with a picture of an eggplant.

"I didn't have any other clothes to wear."

It's about hard work as much as it is the beer reward for Truck Mei Mei, however, who left her home of Hokkaido at age 18 to pursue a large scale vehicle trucking license.

If you'd like to add her uplifting post-work beer updates to your week, be sure to follow Truck Mei Mei on Twitter and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.