Japanese Twitter user 藪犬小夏 Yabuinu Konatsu (@yabuinukonatsu) recently visited のんほいパーク Non Hoi Park, formally known as the Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.

At the penguin corner, they saw a sight that took them by surprise.

Here's a scene that almost makes you understand how animals in zoos and aquariums feel.

"Did I show you this?... These penguins at Non Hoi Park in Toyohashi looking like The Gospellers.

Do they really look at humans like this? lol"

Reproduced with permission from 藪犬小夏 Yabuinu Konatsu (@yabuinukonatsu)

The Gospellers are an a capella Japanese band of five. They're often dressed in suits, sometimes wear black, and have used yellow backlighting before on stage. Maybe Yabuinu Konatsu was thinking of the album cover for their single STEP! (17 October 2012):

These four penguins standing side by side, staring at the humans, combined with the dramatic backlighting, is an impressive sight!

They seem to be talking to each other as they look at the visitors.

This post has received a wide variety of comments, such as:

  • "We humans are being stared at by the penguins! What a powerful aura they have..."
  • "The penguins are going to start their concert now."
  • "The penguins are so cute. I wonder if the staff who found out the park's secret have been turned into penguins...?"
  • "The penguins at Non Hoi Park seem to be curious about humans and sometimes follow visitors from behind the glass. It's always fun!"

In addition to penguins, more than 130 species of animals, including lions and elephants, live in Non Hoi Park.

Visitors can interact with small animals and feed them as well. If you're interested, why not go for a visit the next time you're in the area? Toyohashi is a station on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen that goes between Tokyo and Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, so you could make a stop on your way to other destinations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.