While obviously stress on pets is no laughing matter, sometimes you can't help but chuckle when your canine companion has just realized they've been duped into visiting the vet's office.

Japanese Twitter user @kodomo4dog5 knew that feeling all too well when they tried to quietly transport one of their five Akita dogs, Daichi, to the vet recently. While Daichi was a calm trooper during the ride, once they pulled up into the parking lot, he sniffed out that he had been tricked. It was then that Daichi let his human know with an expression that needs no words.

Source: @kodomo4dog5

Daichi's "I can't believe you did this" adorably dramatic glare has dog lovers on Twitter smitten, with many sympathetically saying they know that look all too well. The good news is that according to kodomo4dog5, Daichi behaved very well and was a good boy while getting a shot at the vet's office. Although it's very likely he's going to become a little less trusting of car rides.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.