Japanese clay figure designer Pobot (@CocoGfj) is a master of teasing appetites with adorable and clever fake sweets. In the past Pobot has crafted amazing shiba inu face and butt bread, as well as traditional Japanese sweets and whale shark hybrids. Pobot's creations simply look to cute to eat--which is a good thing since they aren't actually edible to begin with!

Pobot's latest artistic treat may be their most tempting yet. The talented artist has whipped up a batch of shiba inu macaron figures that has Twitter completely head over heels. Just take one look at these charming shiba facial expressions and you'll see why!

Source: @CocoGfj

Source: @CocoGfj

Sandwiched in between the green cookie portions of the macarons are cream puff-esque shiba inu, each hand-crafted with an an adorable expression. Pobot's level of detail has many online absolutely smitten, but also confused as to whether they should eat or pet the cute fake sweets.

Fortunately those in Japan can order their own personal batch (as well as other awesome figures) from Pobot's minne online store. They're currently sold out, which just goes to show you how much people love them!

Be sure to follow Pobot on Twitter for even more amazing clay fake sweets.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.