It happens to many of us. When the fun days of summer are drawing to an end and signs of autumn are in the air, you can't help but feel wistful.

It's a sentiment Kyoto-based photographer うさだぬ Usadanu (@usalica) can appreciate, and he expressed it admirably in the gorgeous photo you see below:

"I can't forget the glow of the morning sky in Kyoto at the end of summer."

Reproduced with permission from うさだぬ Usadanu (@usalica)

On a late summer morning in Kyoto, the natural canvas of the sky was painted in deep blue, purple, orange and yellow shades, while the light of the morning revealed the silhouette of the five-story pagoda of Tō-ji Temple, a national treasure.

You can almost imagine the crisp air and slightly chilly temperatures of the early morning, which surely made viewers feel sentimental about the changing seasons.

The gorgeous photo elicited comments such as: "It would be great if I could see it in person," "It's so beautiful that it makes me sigh," and "The sky seems to be on fire!"

The sight of the changing seasons is truly enchanting.

Usadanu has also made a slideshow of the many scenes he photographed in Kyoto and posted it on YouTube.

Please enjoy these photos filled with the charms of Kyoto!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.