One day, クドー・ダイスケ Kudo Daisuke (@bowz_man) noticed a curved mirror on the side of the road.

The surface of the curved mirror was bumpy and damaged, so the reflected view created quite an unsettling effect, with multiple swirling distortions. In fact, you could say it's reminiscent of the world depicted in horror manga artist Junji Ito's famous series Uzumaki.

Reproduced with permission from クドー・ダイスケ Kudo Daisuke (@bowz_man)

Particularly ominous is the spot in Kudo Daisuke's head which looks like it has a gaping hole in it!

His unsettling photo received numerous likes and comments, such as:

  • "How ominous and scary!"
  • "My sides hurt from all the laughing I did lol"
  • "Wow, how bizarre..."

Normally, there is nothing unnatural about your reflection in a curved mirror. Who knew that adding bumps to it would create such a strange effect?

With the Halloween season coming up, maybe it could give some of our readers some ideas...

Speaking of scary ideas, we hope you'll enjoy our long interview with Junji Ito here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.