Depending on their personalities, some animals do not like to shower or bathe.

They may not like the sensation of a shower, or they may feel anxious about what they are going to be subjected to.

However, just like humans, good hygiene is important for animals to maintain their cleanliness and health. Human caretakers around the world are doing their best for their furbabies.

Shiba inu's show of wrath in the shower

Shiba inu すみすみ Sumisumi seems to have trouble with showers.

When her owner 豆柴すみすみ Mameshiba Sumisumi (@sumisumi_mame) tried to clean her up, she really brewed up an angry storm.

Here's what her owner calls Sumisumi's "most furious face of the year":

"You piece of sh*t!"

Reproduced with permission from 豆柴すみすみ Mameshiba Sumisumi (@sumisumi_mame)

Sumisumi, bearing her fangs and with eyes popping out, desperately tries to resist her owner with her paw. You can almost imagine her growling all manner of canine insults, as her owner did in the tweet.

The more you look at her face, the more you can't help but laugh...

Reproduced with permission from 豆柴すみすみ Mameshiba Sumisumi (@sumisumi_mame)

Sumisumi-chan's expression elicited such comments as: "I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt!" and "Best angry face I've ever seen..."

According to her owner, Sumisumi's fierce resistance to the shower is something she is used to by now.

Contrary to what you might imagine from the photo, Sumisumi did not bite even though she resisted so much.

Sumisumi hates showers with a vengeance, but for some reason, she loves swimming in the pool. If you don't believe us, check out this video!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.