Cats aren't very big on showing moments of weakness. As kitty lovers know very well, they tend to walk off mishaps and embarrassing moments with a "nope that totally didn't happen" strut.

Twitter user @totomaru_hanmi caught their cat Totomaru showing a brief moment of feline shame after a little kitchen accident. Totomaru very clearly took some interest in some egg drop soup their owner had served, and spilled it all over them. Right before Totomaru could make a clean getaway, however, @totomaru_hanmi caught a video of the cat not only clumsily fleeing the scene--but comically leaving a trail of evidence behind.

When confronted with their crime, Totomaru immediately scampers off as if he knows he's been caught red-pawed, and even leaves a trail of wakame seaweed behind on the stairs! Eventually Totomaru cowers behind a cat tower with a guilty look on his face, but the owner just can't stay mad at him--even covered in soup!

For more of Totomaru's clumsy adventures, be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.