IKEA mascot Blåhaj has made it big in Japan. The shark is a legit real estate shark for less than a dollar apartment rental in Tokyo, and has become a popular plushie.

Makoo (@yonasawa) recently shared an adorable example of how the shark plushie isn't just beloved by humans, but pets as well. Makoo's cat seems to be very attached to the IKEA sharky:

The cat has no qualms about the shark, kneading Blåhaj in a relaxing video that has much of Twitter hypnotized. Sheepishly massing the shark plushie, Makoo's cat seems to be a big fan of the IKEA mascot, treating it with the most gentlest of pawing. As one commenter pointed out, it appears that once on land cats might hold the higher ground that sharks.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.