• "...They really made them from scratch! This is god-tier cookie crafting"
  • "The ingredients are so detailed...! You must be a genius."
  • "The attention to detail is amazing. You're so gifted with your hands!"

This was only some of the praise extended to Manna-Tanuki—who makes icing cookies and other confectioneries—as seen in comments on their YouTube Channel.

Specifically, they were directed at a short video entitled 『クッキーとお砂糖で小さな餃子を作ってみた』, meaning "I made dumplings out of sugar and cookies."

You can see what people were raving about here:

As one of the comments suggested, Manna-Tanuki really does make each gyoza from scratch just like you would make the real thing, beginning with the ingredients that go into the filling!

You can't see them once they are mixed and wrapped in the gyoza skin, but it's such a detailed process. When the cookie is served, leaving one gyoza half-eaten in the presentation provides an opportunity to see what's inside and heightens the realism!

The detailed and exhaustive gyoza-making process is reproduced right down to wrapping the fillings in the skins and making the creases.

And of course, the plates are also icing cookies too.

If you want to see more of Manna-Tanuki's icing cookies, check out this amazing Kirby icing art or this adorable box of cookies inspired by Howl's Moving Castle.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.